Below are some of the main issues facing our community, and descriptions of how I plan to approach them.

Joe Scanlon
My priorities as your representative

My priorities are shaped by my own principles and values.

And, by listening to the people throughout our district with whom I’ve had conversations.

As a representative of the people I believe it begins with listening—and I hope you’ll continue to share your thoughts, and ideas with me.


Let's Look at the Issues


Below are some of the main issues facing our community, and descriptions of how I plan to approach them.

Support of Law Enforcement

We need law and order. The men and women in blue along with all first responders deserve our support and respect. Without them, our communities would not feel or be safe. To defund them is a bad idea and shows poor judgement.

 Medical Freedom

Freedom from government mandates such as mask mandates, Covid-19 shot mandates etc. in order to keep your job or forcing unfair mandates on business owners.

Health Insurance Choice

Minnesotans should be able to purchase their health insurance from as many health insurance companies as are available. Much like auto, home, life and motorcycle insurance. Competition drives costs down. Lower costs can equal lower deductibles.

School Vouchers

The proper learning environment is critical when it comes to our kids’ grade school and high school experiences. Parents should have the option to send their kids to either a private school, magnet school or home school if they don’t agree on how they are being taught.

Stop Taxing Social Security

Minnesota is one of only twelve (12) states that tax our social security monies. This needs to stop. For Minnesotans whose only means of income is their monthly social security check, it becomes a very big deal as every dollar counts.

Fiscal Responsibility

By virtue of our state’s upcoming tax surplus of approximately 9.3 Billion dollars, it is clear we are being over taxed. Combine this with more responsible spending and better oversight, there is no reason why our taxes need to be as high as they are.

Voter I.D. Voter integrity

With the current political environment being what it is today, voter integrity has become more important than ever. Voter I.D. will help ensure that our elections are fair and honest.

Term Limits

One of the more frustrating aspects of government is seeing the same politicians being re-elected over and over again. It seems the longer they hold an office position, the harder it is to get much needed bills passed. Term limits will create new candidates with fresh new ideas while replacing old stale ideas.

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